‘Skeptical’ Amazon Shoppers Say This $17 T-Shirt Folder Inspired Them to Organize Every Drawer and Closet in Their Home

T-shirt folder from Amazon

Make laundry day more fun

Even if the shirt you wear on repeat passes the sniff test, you can’t avoid doing laundry forever (we’re looking at you, chair of half-clean, half-dirty clothes). Folding laundry is arguably one of the most mundane and time-consuming tasks around the house, but this best-selling laundry helper just might change how you feel about the unavoidable chore. 

Thousands of shoppers use the game-changing BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board to expertly fold T-shirts, pants, towels, and more in seconds with consistent results every time. The folding board is not only satisfying to use, but it can also help you free up space in otherwise tightly packed drawers when clothes and linens are stacked more evenly. 

This article originally appeared on People.